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Crafters Sculpting Tool Kit

Crafters Sculpting Tool Kit

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Crafters Sculpting Tool Kit

Foam cutting tool for freehand sculpting, carving and scroll cutting.

Carving foam just got easier with the Sculpting Tool; one of the most crucial foam shaping tools today, thanks to its versatility. The wire can be used at 7.5" with the arms fully extended or can be shortened to 5.5" for a faster cut. The arms pivot for making negative cuts or can be held taught for scroll cutting.

Consider adding the Wire Tensioner accessory, which will keep the cutting wire taut when you do not need to shape the cutting wire or loop it outward for sculpting negative cuts.

This tool is very popular for carving mountains and shaping designs. Shape 3D Styrofoam sculptures, carve village display platforms and more. Start sculpting Styrofoam the right way with the Sculpting Tool; a hand-held foam cutting scroll saw, carving tool and so much more!


  • Sculpting Tool

  • Crafters Power Supply  (optional)

  • Making Mountains DVD

  • 2 Sample Patterns

  • Printed Instructions

  • 6 Cutting Wires